A gentle 6-week guided program
designed especially for women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s
with a special focus on healthy eating, detoxification,
intermittent fasting and stress management.
  • Do you find it harder to lose weight in midlife?
  • Are hot flashes, insomnia and mood swings leaving you exhausted?
  • Do you want to cultivate a loving inner voice while following a healthy diet?

Weight Loss in midlife is challenging. As we age our metabolism slows making tiny increases in types or amounts of foods turn into extra pounds. At the same time, our inner critic combined with society’s ageism can leave us depressed and anxious. This program is specially designed to address the needs of midlife women and cultivate a positive view of our aging bodies.

Did you know that toxicity slows our metabolism? We accumulate toxins over the decades, from pollution in the air we breathe, to pesticide residue in the food we eat, to the chemicals in the beauty and cleaning products we use. Toxins interfere with the flow and rhythm of our normal metabolism. This program supports the liver to get rid of toxins so you feel energized and lose weight more easily.

Did you know that food sensitivities add pounds of ‘false fat’? It is common to develop new food sensitivities as we age and this increases inflammation, food cravings, and a bloated belly. This program guides us to replace the common reactive foods with delicious options so you are free of cravings, feel greater ease of movement in our joints and have a flatter tummy.

Have you heard of intermittent fasting as a powerful fitness tool? Intermittent fasting (IF) creates 14-18 hour blocks of time in our day that is free of eating, such as 6pm until 8am. This helps to reduce insulin levels so that we can more easily burn fat as energy. After the first two weeks of the program, when food cravings are eased, it will be much easier to be successful with IF. We will aim for 2-3 days of IF a week, with an optional 1 full day of fasting with broth. Medical studies show that this is not only helpful for weight loss but also reduces risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Did you know that excess stress packs on the pounds? High levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, increase our blood sugar which we then store as fat in our body. This program encourages fun and easy stress management practices so that you feel relaxed and well rested.

My experience with weight
My mother’s childhood nickname for me was, ‘The Chub’ and, while she meant it affectionately, I didn’t like it at all. I became lean as a teen and young woman, but was surprised to find that in my 40s and 50s it became remarkably easy to gain weight. A few minor dietary missteps and voila!  Instead of giving myself a hard time, I discovered that regular detoxification and healthy eating was the key to weight management. I noticed that the month that followed a detox was especially potent for weight loss. This is a sweet spot, when the metabolism improves, cravings ease, and more pounds are lost if the focus on healthy eating for weight loss is maintained. This program helps us take full advantage of the post detox time.

My detox and weight management training
I’ve taken multiple trainings with JJ Virgin, the author of The Virgin Diet and Dr. Phil’s on air expert for overcoming weight loss resistance. I’ve been involved with the Bauman College Nutrition Consultant Training Program for almost 20 years, first as a student and now as an instructor.  Through teaching women’s health and menopause classes at the Acupressure for 9 years I developed a perspective on health aging for women that combines traditional Chinese medicine with holistic nutrition. I am the author of the ebook Midlife Renewal for Women: Five Powerful Practices For Reclaiming your Joyful, Healthy and Creative Life.

Focus on self-love
I believe women are beautiful in all sizes and ages. My approach to weight loss is to focus on strengthening our body systems while affirming our greatness no matter what the scale says. Cultivating compassion for ourselves is the key to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

All video conferences are live with Anasuya.

Video Conference Call #1
Introductions and Planning 
Before we launch into the detox, we relax and get to know each other better while setting a positive intention for our work together. We plan dates on the calendar for the different stages of the program.

Video Conference Call #2
The Pre-Cleanse Week Begins. We begin by holding a positive vision of midlife women, setting the intention of weight loss in a context of self-love. Tips and tricks for reducing and eliminating caffeine, sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol and other common troublesome foods with ease.

Video Conference Call #3:
The Detox Diet Goes into Full Swing with specially formulated dairy free protein shakes, vegetable sides, snacks, one regular meal plus fruit-based desserts, raw veggie juices, and soothing mineral broths. We discuss navigating social situations, and tips for a digital detox using nature connection. 

Video Conference Call #4
Maximizing the Potent Post Detox  Period with Intermittent Fasting.
Now that cravings are eased it is much easier to do intermittent fasting. We’ll also talk about how to do a successful food re-introduction. 

Video Conference Call #5
Celebrating our Successes and Next Steps.
We will share and celebrate our successes – big and small, and discuss next steps to keep the weight loss and healthy habits momentum going through the summer.


Can I do a shorter detox program because I don’t think I can do 6 weeks of detox? This program is actually only 2 weeks of detox with a pre-cleanse week before, and 2 weeks of experimentation with intermittent fasting afterward. I continue the class after the detox to lock in the benefits for significantly improved results.

Can I do this program when I travel and attend family celebrations? Yes. The kits are very convenient for travel so that you can easily mix the detox shake while on the road. If celebrations typically undermine your health goals, then this program is a wonderful opportunity to learn new ways to care for your needs while socializing.

What will we eat? Special detox protein shakes provide a structural cornerstone to the meal plan for the first part of the program. They are tasty and simple to make, and are formulated to support the liver’s natural metabolic pathways. In addition to shakes we will focus on mineral broths, increasing vegetables,  small amounts of non-gluten grains, healthy fats from avocado and nuts. Vegetarians and omnivores will consume ample protein from plant sources, or, for omnivores, from animals raised in a healthy way.  While short periods of fasting will be encouraged, there is plenty of food in this plan.

What do I have to give up? Gradually we will reduce and/or eliminate caffeine, sugar, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, tobacco and processed foods. We will substitute common food allergens such as gluten, dairy and soy with delicious alternatives. Gradually we will re-introduce sensitive foods to identify the ones that cause us problems, so that you will have more confidence in making healthy food choices in the future.

I can’t give up all that. Can I take smaller steps? Yes. Everyone has different diets and some people are more comfortable making changes more slowly. One participant gave up everything but 1/2 cup of coffee a day and still had excellent results. They did the detox a second time and eliminated the coffee completely for even better effects. I encourage everyone to do as much as they can so they have the most benefit, but not to lock themselves out of the entire process if they feel they can only do part of the program.

Will I feel bad and not be able to work? This gentle program is safe and easy to do while continuing regular activities. No laxatives or harsh herbs are used.  Some people will be more experienced and others will be new to detoxing. It’s fine to be where you are. Perfection is not expected. Simple progress on a healthier path will show good results. Sometimes people feel a little tired or achy at first, but this soon passes with the support of special detox supplements, and with relaxing lifestyle and wholesome diet suggestions.

Will the cleanse help me clear out old emotions? As the body eliminates toxins, a person may mirror this process on the emotional or spiritual level. I suggest that participants notice any attitudes, beliefs or emotional patterns that they would like to release. Participants are encouraged to schedule slow-down time each week to do nurturing activities. We will discuss healthy lifestyle tips such as nature connection, meditation, dry-brushing, journaling, exercise and creativity practices. This enhances the release of toxins on both physical, emotional and mental levels.

The 6-Week program Includes:

  • 5 Live Video Conference Meetings with Anasuya
    You can join from anywhere via computer or phone
  • Recordings of all webinars, copies of slides
  • Recipe and nutrition handouts
  • Professional Line Supplement Recommendations (supplements are a separate cost)

Individual Detox Program
Registration Fee: $497

Note: Supplement cost is additional.
Please fill out this form to register so I can get to know your needs better.


The liver depends on specific nutrients that support enzymes to change toxins into harmless byproducts. If you undergo a detox without adequate nutrition there is the potential to feel worse. I use supplemental products to ensure toxins are effectively neutralized and you experience the best results.

Professional Line Products by Designs for Health.
These high quality products are not cheap so remember that the Detox Kits include meal replacement drink mixes. You will be saving on your grocery bill, as well as eliminating costs for coffee, alcohol, pastries, etc.

Choose ONE of These Kits:

Pure PaleoCleanse Plus 14 Day $157  (Beef Broth Protein)
VegeCleanse Plus 14 Day $172
(Organic Pea Protein)
VegeCleanse Plus 21 Day $220 (Organic Pea Protein)

Note: VegeCleanse Plus used to be called PaleoCleanse Plus. The product has not changed.
Contact Anasuya for 10% off coupon.



Pure PaleoCleanse Plus 14 Day
Includes 2 individual packets of Pure PaleoCleanse Plus meal replacement shake mix per day, and 2 packets of supplements per day. The supplements contain Amino D-Tox which is a formula of amino acids that support Phase 2 detoxification to make sure the toxins are excreted from the body. The supplement package also includes Detox Antiox which stops free radical damage. The protein in the drink mix is from beef broth, and has a mild strawberry vanilla flavor and is naturally sweetened with the herb, stevia. No dairy, gluten, or lactose.

VegeCleanse Plus – 14 Day or 21 Day 
Includes: 2 individual packets of PaleoCleanse Plus meal replacement shake mix per day, and 2 packets of Amino D-Tox and Hydrolzyme digestive enzymes. The protein is from organic peas. Also a complimentary blender bottle and special detox booklet with instructions.
PaleoCleanse Plus meal replacement shake mixes include the liver detoxification support powder, PaleoCleanse with extra Pure Pea protein, and the addition of gentle fiber and green powders. These powders are lightly sweetened with stevia. Just add water for a tasty and smooth beverage. While most people are happy with level of stevia sweetening, please discuss another option with me if you don’t like a sweet taste.

Option to Detox Without Shakes
Most people love the meal replacement shakes, but if you rather not do shakes, I recommend the Detox Support Packs. In each packet there are the following capsules: Amino Detox (3), LV-GB Complex (1), and Detox Antiox (1). If you choose this option, plan to spend a little more time with food prep.



Product Options for Easing Cravings for Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol:
Crave Arrest – combines tyrosine and 5HTP, designed for easing from substances as addictive as nicotine. Used with success for sugar and other carb cravings. Discuss with practitioner if you take SSRI anti-depressants.
Acetyl-L-Carnitine – for focus and concentration. Crosses the blood brain barrier to provide fuel for the mitochondria in the brain. Used as a healthy alternative to caffeine.
Stress Arrest – a combination of GABA and glycine in capsules which helps relax the body and mind. Useful as an alternative to using alcohol or other habits to unwind.
PharmaGaba – orange flavored chewable wafers of relaxing GABA for calming the body and mind.
Adrenal Complex – nutrients and adrenal cortex extracts for addressing adrenal fatigue which can make you crave stimulants. Fasting is easier when adrenals are nourished.
Adrenotone – herbs for addressing adrenal fatigue which can cause cravings for stimulants.
Insomnitol, chewables – herbs and nutrients that promote sleep to take at bedtime to promote healthy sleep. Discuss if you take SSRI anti-depressants.


My evening wind-down ritual includes a delicious healthy version of a relaxing cocktail. I substitute the alcohol for these 3 powders which I wrote about in this blog post.

Inositol powder – supports the nervous system and helps prepare the body for sleep while supporting female hormones, and mobilizing fat by increasing levels of adiponectin.

Magnesium Glycinate powder – this relaxation mineral releases muscle tension while supporting the nervous system. Slight orange flavor.

Phosphatidyl Serine – for repairing stress-induced concentration problems and supporting healthy cortisol levels. 


Some of you will love the convenience of the detox kit so much that you will want to continue making the shakes. After the first half of the program you will have the option to continue with one of the following kits:

GreenTien – 30 packages of pea protein, greens and fiber drink mix and 30 packages of supplements containing a multivitamin, fish oil, calcium and magnesium and extra vitamin D.

VegeMeal Plus Lean Body, Chocolate – Meal replacement drink mix (pea protein) plus supplements that include thermogenic herbs, nutrients and plants that support the endocrine system and fat burning.

VegeMeal Plus Lean Body, Natural Vanilla – Same as above, just a different flavor.

How to Order:
Order on my online store.  I am offering a 10% discount for my clients and detox participants. Contact me for the special discount code that you enter at checkout from my store. I receive a small commission when you order through me and I appreciate your support of my practice.

What previous detoxers said:
I lost 8lbs and my digestion has improved tremendously. – N.P.

We are in a really stressful time at work and I am so much calmer. Every symptom that I normally have is much better and I am so happy with that. I’m sleeping well, I’m collected and calm, and even my PMS is reduced. – M.P.

My need for an asthma inhaler decreased dramatically. I sleep better and have more energy throughout the day. I feel more positive with people. – J.M.

My body is lighter and my clothes fit better. – S.V.

You make healthful change accessible, attainable and friendly. – S.L.

I love the simplicity and abundance of nutrients in the shakes. I lost 2 lbs, I reduced caffeine, I reduced carbs, I’m not eating sugar and I don’t have a desire to start again. I’m being more kind and gentle with myself. – L.M.

It’s amazing how much money I’ve saved because I’m not out buying prepared foods –  It’s really relaxing cooking on a Sunday, listening to the radio, it’s been really feeding my soul. I lost 5lbs in this process. – P.J.

Individual Detox Program
Registration Fee: $497

Note: Supplement cost is additional.

Please fill out this form to register so I can get to know your needs better.


If you have further questions, feel free to contact me.

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