Have you ever felt incredibly joyous after a huge accomplishment, and then setbacks laid you low? I have! The Secrets of Dynamic Midlife Women online summit I produced ended two months ago and I couldn’t be happier about all the positive feedback I received. Since then, however, I’ve experienced two big challenges common to midlife women: coordinating my Mom’s home care as her vision and memory deteriorated, and my own painfully frozen shoulder. What a winter!

In moments of despair I whispered reassuring words to my aching and inflamed shoulder joint: “You are doing OK… we will get through this pain together… healing is on the way…”

When I was younger I was often angry at my body, but I’ve learned that loving self-talk is more effective than self-criticism. Now I know that my own kind words calm me so I can take the next step forward.

For any of you that are experiencing pain, whether physical or emotional, my heart goes out to you. If you are caring for elderly or disabled loved ones, hang in there. Have faith in the ability of your body to heal, and in the strength of your spirit. Say nice things to yourself.

Thankfully, my shoulder is slowly improving, my Mom is cheerful again with better in-home care and we are both feeling the increasing vitality of Spring.

One of my core beliefs is in the potential of trials to become gems. This takes time, sometimes even years. In the case of this frozen shoulder, I’m drawn to deepen my study of how inflammation affects us and I am excited to help others with new insights.

When inflammation is out of control it accelerates aging, and it may also increase weight, create pain, fog your mind and cloud your moods. But it starts quietly and increases silently, so if you are busy and preoccupied like I was, you may not notice you have inflammation at all.

I ignored the twinges in my arm, completely underestimating the growing inflammation after a minor injury until I couldn’t raise my arm more than 90 degrees. Fortunately, once I doubled my efforts to reduce inflammation, I began to feel less discomfort, more flexibility and a return of confidence in my body.

I am eager to share with you the best ways to lower inflammation with foods and practices that work for your unique body, so you can meet challenges and feel terrific in your midlife.

I’m offering a free zoom video class on 4/24/19 at 12noon Pacific, and then the Spring Detox 2019 starts on May 1st.