Several Ancient Roots

Acupressure originated in thousands of years ago. In the ancient cultures of Asia, wise ones developed ways of healing based on the flow of life force in the body. In China they called this life force, “qi” (pronounced chee), in Japan, “ki”, and in India, “prana”. These healers recognized signs of nature reflected in the body, and compared the movement of underground rivers to the flow of the body’s subtle energy.

Meridians and Points

Today these rivers are known as energy meridians. Where the energy bubbles up to the surface of the body, we find special areas where scientists have measured increased bio-electrical energy. Studies show that stimulating these points increases endorphins — natural pain-relieving substances, and reduces stress hormones in the body.

ABT Assessments

I use Traditional Chinese Medicine assessments such as tongue and pulse reading, palpation of special points, as well as asking questions, to help me understand your unique energy patterns. Using this information I then choose meridians and points that need nourishing or releasing. This allows me to create an effective session that is designed specifically for you.

The Difference Between Acupuncture and Acupressure

An acupuncturist uses needles to stimulate the qi through these points, while an acupressurist uses finger pressure. They are the same system of points. By contacting them, I am able to release blockages of qi that contribute to pain, bad moods, hormonal imbalance, poor energy or bad digestion. If left untreated, these blocks can develop into more serious conditions or diseases over time.

3 Styles of ABT Practiced by Anasuya

Zen Shiatsu
This was developed in Japan and uses a slow, deep pressure in rhythm with the breath. Traditionally practiced on a mat or on the floor, I adapt Shiatsu for the table. Working along meridians, paying special attention to the energy pathways that need more support, muscles and fascia are deeply contacted to release tension.

Tui Na
A Chinese style of massage using a variety of energetic hand techniques. This is particularly good for joint mobilizations, or unlocking the gates of qi.

Focused attention is paid to specific points in powerful combinations.

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