Making art frees the body’s healing mechanism
and unites body, mind and spirit.”

– Dr. Michael Samuels, author of Creative Healing

Creativity and Health
Life can be full of bumps and shocks. Creativity returns us to that place of sensory pleasure and reconnects us with a sense of beauty in self-expression. It is a powerful tool for wellness.

Many people put personal creativity at the bottom of their priority list thinking that they are being indulgent. But mental health experts know that creative hobbies are important to well-being. Studies show that the act of creating relieves stress and depression.

Because creating is important to health (and so fun!) I offer opportunities for people to gather and experience simple creativity. No art experience is necessary, just a desire to relax, enjoy good company and play with colors, shapes and textures.

Crafts make you concentrate
and focus on the here and now and distract you
from everyday pressures and problems.They’re stress-busters in the same way that meditation,

deep breathing, visual imagery and watching fish are.”
Robert Reiner, PhD, New York University

Creating Through Stress

When I was a child I loved to make things.  At age seven, stuck inside, lonely and bored on a rainy day, I made a dog out of toilet paper rolls, buttons, pipe-cleaners and glue. I was thrilled.

In my twenties I went to film school and later worked as a graphic designer. When I began studies in holistic health I poured my energy into learning all I could. The stressful events of 9/11 brought me back to knitting. As I made scarves with unusual yarns and color combinations I felt calmed.

The start of the recession was also the beginning of my divorce process. My sister, Kanaka, encouraged me to take up paper crafting and I felt uplifted during the times we spent making rubber stamped cards together.

Stampin’ Up!
In 2008 I became an independent demonstrator for Stampin’ Up! (SU!),  a paper crafting company, because I loved what I could make with their products. I love the SU! color families that make color coordination between papers, inks and embellishments easy so that my finished piece looks artfully designed. I use all SU! products in my classes and there is the option to purchase items to stock your creative corner or studio at home.

Classes and Events
Contact me if you are interested in attending a class, or inviting me to your group or organization to put on a program. Here are the types of classes I offer:

  • Card-making Workshop / Parties
  • Card-Making Classes
  • Scrapbooking Classes
  • Themed Creativity Journal-Making

Basic Principles in My Classes

1)  Affirming ourselves. Everyone can be creative.
2)  Accepting imperfections. It’s only paper. If there is a smudge or a tear,  we can design around it or start over.
3)  Acknowledgment of beauty. Notice parts of your work or others that you like and say it out loud.


Life is Beautiful Card by Anasuya

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