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My Personal Story

CranioSacral Therapy eliminated my pain following a traffic accident. Several years ago, a bicyclist crashed into me while I was in a crosswalk and broke several facial bones. In the months following surgery, I suffered from debilitating headaches.  My skull throbbed without relief for weeks at a time.  When I first received CranioSacral Therapy I wondered if a treatment so gentle could affect me. After my first session I had the pleasant sensation of what seemed like more room in my aching head, and after three sessions, I noticed the duration of my headaches was shorter. After ten sessions, I had no more headaches at all.

The CranioSacral Rhythm

Each of us has a craniosacral system rhythmically moving inside of us. Within the head, cerebrospinal fluid is produced from the bloodstream. It moves beneath the bones of the skull, nourishing the brain and spinal cord, enclosed within the water-tight dura membrane. After circulating within the membranes this fluid returns to the bloodstream.

Researchers have found that the skull bones must be in continual, minute motion in order to accommodate the fluid pressure changes. Accidents and traumas can restrict the bones, restrict the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, and cause discomfort, pain, and even depression.

Using a gentle touch I place my hands on the feet, the knees, the hips, the diaphragm, the shoulders and head to tune into the subtle ebb and flow of the fluid and sense where the bones are restricted. With a pressure of about 5 grams, the weight of nickel, I encourage the bones to release the restrictions. Many people believe that the only way to access the body’s deeper layers is to press harder. In CranioSacral Therapy the opposite is true. The light touch enables me to connect and respond to miniscule changes deep in the body’s tissues. On the receiving end, it feels very relaxing and as if you are floating on a nourishing ocean.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) helped my clients recover from whiplash, headaches, dental pain, TMJ or temporo-mandibular joint syndrome, back pain, anxiety, as well as discomforts of pregnancy.

CST for Pregnancy, Labor and Post-Partum

Using CranioSacral Therapy during pregnancy supports a positive experience for both the mother and the child, and helps prevent a fetus from growing in a static position which can impede normal development. I work with an awareness and a respect for the inner wisdom of the fetus. Fathers are welcome to participate in sessions.

After birth is such a busy time for parents. The focus is understandably on the newborn, but I highly encourage new parents to have a session for themselves to release any lingering stress or strain from the birth experience. Your baby will tune into your more relaxed state and it will set them at ease too.

Anasuya Basil offers Cranialsacral Therapy for Newborns & Infants

CST for Newborns and Infants

Special pediatric techniques and protocols are used for babies to help them release any residual tension or trauma from the birthing process. The finger or hand pressure is about 1 gram which is a very light touch. This improves the sucking reflex and the nursing experience, reduces acid reflux and colic, removes strains from torticollis (twisted neck) or plagiocephaly (misshapen head) and improves developmental growth.

CST Compliments Dental Work

Root canals, fillings, braces, and other dental and orthodontia treatments may leave the neck and jaw feeling strained. Receiving CranioSacral therapy after a dental appointment can relieve abnormal tension and improve the healing process. Children find they have less pain and tension when they receive CST after their braces are adjusted by their orthodontist.

CST Improves Performance of Singers

Several professional vocalists have been drawn to my practice. They have reported improvements in their vocal to experience the benefits of CST to their voices.

• CST Unlocks TMJ and reduced jaw tension

• Improves coordination of the throat and tongue musculature

• Eases headaches and neck pain

• Opens clogged ears and sinuses

• Relaxes tight diaphragm muscles

• Increases awareness and relaxation of the entire spine

• Improves flow of nutrients to the brain and central nervous system

CST and Cerebral Palsy

I worked with adults who have cerebral palsy and other severe disabilities at the CP Center of Oakland for 5 years. The participants looked forward to their CST sessions to relieve tight and twisted fascia that impeded the cerebral spinal fluid from circulating easily. Many reported fewer headaches and backaches, less stress and more mobility. This often makes a significant difference in the quality of life for someone with disabilities.

SER or SomatoEmotional Release

The body has the ability to store emotions until you are ready to release them. On the short term, this helps us function in the real world, in the long term it may drain our energy, contribute to poor health, and block the fulfillment of our highest goals. I may use therapeutic imagery and dialoguing to facilitate the release of emotions if this feels right to the client. By tuning into the CranioSacral (CS) rhythm I am able to sense the subtle changes that reveal shifts in emotions or consciousness. Using the CS rhythm as a significance detector informs the dialoguing process so that we stay on track.  It’s not always comfortable to re-experience fear, pain or anger, but letting it go often results in greater understanding, a sense of peace, and better energy for self-healing. I trust that your body has the wisdom to know when and how this needs to happen.

Cell Talk

Cells and organs function largely without our awareness. They perform a multitude of complex jobs and interact with each other in a myriad of ways. By dialoguing directly with a cell or organ we can often find out what they need to function better. Again using the motion of the cerebral spinal fluid or CS rhythm as a significance detector helps me stay deeply tuned into the body.   Dr. John Upledger discusses this in his last book “Cell Talk, Talking to Your Cell(f).” I attended his classes, “The Brain Speaks” and “CST and the Immune Response” which explore cell consciousness further.

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