“Wow! After the CranioSacral Therapy session with you I was able to rest comfortably without back pain, my irregular pulse normalized, and I slept well. When I awoke, I got up and felt like I’d been reborn at the age of 73. That heavy fatigue I had felt for several days left me. Amazing! I can’t believe it. I am so grateful to you!”
F.E., Paradise, CA

Thanks for helping my 3.5 year old daughter with CranioSacral Therapy. Your gentle manner and sensitive nature made it possible for her to receive your care for nighttime teeth grinding. After 2 sessions I already saw improvement and she stopped grinding her teeth at night within a few weeks. I appreciated how you spoke to her and engaged with her which helped her to relax and feel comfortable. I noticed how respectful you were of her needs and responses. I would gladly seek support again in the future for either of my 2 young children and would recommend your care to other parents who would like an alternative to allopathic care for physical, developmental or emotional issues for their children.
– K.O., Chico, CA

A wise woman of rare training, strength and subtlety. Anasuya gives an upgrade to the meaning of “angel.”  She is kind, intuitive, knowledgeable about foods, medicines, our bodies, and so many other things!  Her hands are magical; which means bodywork leaves one floating.”
-Alice Walker, Author, Berkeley

I have seen how the toxicity from unhealthy habits burden the body; the consequences are immense.  Anasuya offers practical, responsible ways to detoxify effectively and enhance the quality of life.”
-Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.,  Author & Producer of Acupressure.com

Anasuya is a special teacher, mentor and sage. Her blending of whole food nutrition, oriental health practices and attunement to the inner needs of each person she works with supports their health, recovery and self-care commitment.”
Edward Bauman, M.Ed., Ph.D., President, Bauman College: Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

“You have such a wonderful way of making sense of the many facets of detoxing and inspiring the effort to follow through!”
-Kathy Lorenz, CST-D, Pleasanton, CA

“Simply being in Anasuya’s presence is healing. She has been my nutritionist for 5 years. The story below best describes why I recommend her work with no reservation.
When I had a routine blood panel a few years ago, I had to fast for 12 hours, and it threw my body chemistry off so badly, that when I got hungry, my body went into panic. When I went to see Anasuya she knew in seconds what to give me. The minute I took her remedy my body stabilized and the panic from hunger never happened again. 

Anasuya has deep nutritional knowledge, an attention to detail and thoroughness, and a presence that fills you with peace.”
– Anne Sagendorph-Moon, Oakland, CA

“I had been suffering with weekly migraines and tension headaches almost daily. Medication didn’t real help. The relief after just a few sessions of CranioSacral Therapy with Anasuya was incredible and I have been migraine free for a few years now. Even the stress related tension headaches occur very infrequently. Over time we moved into nutrition counseling in combination with various forms of bodywork. Anasuya’s intuitive nature gives her the ability to know exactly what modality my body needs every time I visit. She has that magic touch that is so much more than just placing hands on one’s body. Her guidance and skill helped me learn how to be more accepting of myself and how to listen to my body, which in turn taught me how to heal myself between visits.

With Anasuya’s help I started better eating/exercise habits and am healthier than I’ve been in years, I stopped smoking after 20 years, I made it through breast cancer surgery and radiation, and I found the strength and courage to deal with a family member’s illness, hospice and death. I have always considered myself prone to depression, but I am generally happier now as a result of all the work Anasuya and I have done together. When the blues do come, they don’t stay long…my mind set and ability to move forward have changed significantly.

Anasuya is an expert at intertwining different modalities to take away whatever pain, tension or mind/body/spirit blockages I am having. She always takes time to understand my whole body and mind before she begins, so she can address as much as possible during the session.  Anasuya energizes my body, mind and spirit each time we meet!”
– M. M. Oakland, CA.

 “What a difference 3 months make! I feel more energetic, upbeat and focused than I have in a long time. Best of all, I no longer have severe abdominal discomfort, constant bowel movement changes, and flatulence, and I have lost weight. The cleansing diet to eliminate my intestinal parasites was very effective. It was a pleasure to have a health care professional who treated me like a partner. Above all I appreciated your support and quick response to my queries throughout this process. Thanks for helping me feel so good”.
– H.S. – San Rafael, CA

“As I began writing down what I ate, I found that I zoned out a lot, and that I ate lots of junk food. I was constantly craving but never being satisfied. Once I got the nutrition program totally going, without making an effort, I ate less food and began losing weight. I also began eating more regularly and calmly, enjoying my meals and feeling satisfied during and after eating them.” L.K.-  Berkeley, CA.

“The nutritional counseling taught me how to make subtle changes in my eating habits that made a world of difference. I learned about different supplements that could help me get energy I needed. I learned to plan out my diet and create fast and easy meals for myself. I feel that I have more control over my chronic pain now. I have also learned that taking care of myself is well worth it in the long run.”
– E.P. Emeryville, CA

“Nutritional counseling has been a cathartic and extremely useful experience. There has been the freedom to express deep feelings and philosophical thoughts in a very supportive atmosphere. Many great ideas on food choices have been given to me. My body is more centered and balanced. I can move for longer periods of time before the pain makes me have to stop. I’m not as fearful of the outside world.”
-E.S. Berkeley, CA

After the guided detox program:
I sleep better and have more energy throughout the day.  I feel more positive with people. My need for an asthma inhaler decreased dramatically.”
– J.M., Richmond CA

“I feel calmer and more focused at work. I was surprised and proud of myself that I was able to resist all the temptations around me.” – L.S., El Cerrito, CA

“My body is lighter and my clothes fit better.” – S.V., Oakland, CA

You make healthful change accessible, attainable and friendly. – S.L., Berkeley, CA


Nutrition Teleclasses

“I’ve received so much beneficial information from Anasuya’s teleclasses — I’ve already shared the information with some of my clients and family — and have personally seen great results in stabilizing sugar cravings and mood swings.

Anasuya provided excellent support in guiding the program, in all of the education, which continues to help me, and in her very compassionate nature.”