When I was a child I played in nature and found magic. As an adult I still find that sense of wonder outside.  Recently I moved a piece of wood leaning against a pine tree and discovered a nest holding a clutch of quail eggs. In that moment I felt a sweet closeness with the quail and it brought me out of my small indoor self into an expanded state of awe.

Nature is a vital nutrient that feeds our spirits. Richard Louv, author of ‘Last Child in the Woods, Saving Our Children From Nature Deficit Disorder’ and ‘The Nature Principle’  calls this nutrient, Vitamin N for nature. He has written extensively about the scientific studies showing not only better cognition and moods when people spend time in nature, but enhanced brain development.

Nature is healing because it reminds us of our ancient roots. We all have ancestors who lived in an intimate connection with their land for many generations. Our modern life disconnects us and deprives us of the benefits on our mental and physical health that our forefathers experienced.

When you take a group class with me I will lead exercises to help you shift from the analytical left brain to the intuitive right brain. This allows a deeper connection with nature to grow and rekindles a childlike delight. You will return to your regular life revitalized, reinvigorated and re-inspired.

Nature connection exercises I use may include:

  • Fox Walking
  • Finding Your Secret Tree
  • Opening The Senses Meditation
  • Local Medicinal Plants
  • Basic Animal Tracking
  • Introduction to Bird Language
  • Spirit of Gratitude in Nature
  • 7 Directions Prayer

My mother was my first teacher who showed me the plants to taste and smell. I’ve had other teachers since then who showed me animal tracks, healing plants and the language of birdcalls.  While I’ve learned a lot from books and field guides, from wandering in the woods, gardening, and caring for horses, cows, sheep, dogs and cats, I learn best when people show me.

My mother, my first nature teacher, still enjoys the outdoors.

Here are a few of my teachers for whom I am so very grateful:

  • Susun Weed – wild medicinal and edible herbs, Wise Woman Center, NY.
  • Rosemary Gladstar – medicinal plants
  • Pam Montgomery – wild medicinal plants
  • Penelope Smith – Animal Communication, Beginning and Advanced seminars.
  • Anna Breytenbach – Animal Communication, 8 Shields
  • Jon Young – 8 Shields Group Mentoring, Village Talk,  Kamana Naturalist Training Program 1 & 2, Intuitive Tracking, Art of Mentoring 3x
  • Scott Davidson,  John Broussard – Tracking and Nature Connection,  Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas
  • Penny Livingston, Brock Dolman – Permaculture Certification, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, CA.
  • Kathy Keville – Medicinal Herbs of the Sierras, SFSU Sierra Nevada Field Campus
  • Nancy and Bill Harnach – Edible Native Plants of the High Sierras, SFSU Sierra Nevada Field Campus
  • Casey McFarland and David Moskowitz – CyberTracker Evaluators. I am a certified tracker, Level 2 (Level 2 – Intermediate)
  • Dan Fontaine,  Lauren Dalberth, Dave Hage and Will Scott, Bird Language Intensive, Art of Mentoring with 8 Shields, 3x.
  • Multiple teachers in the California Naturalist certification program.


Audio Recording on Nature Connection

Right-click to download my interview with tracker and nature connection mentor, Scott Davidson. (additional audio on other topics, can also be found under Media > Audio)

Feel free to contact me about one-on-one nature therapy appointments, or giving a workshop in your area.