Anasuya Basil

Nationally Certified in Holistic Nutrition and Asian Bodywork Therapy, Upledger Certified in CranioSacral Therapy.

Anasuya practices in Chico, Cailfornia, and by phone with clients around the world. She is a compassionate practitioner, seeking to connect with the essential goodness of each person, and committed to enhancing the body’s innate healing power.

Midlife Renewal

Midlife is a powerful stage of life when the experience and knowledge of many decades evolve into new depths of understanding, self-expression and freedom.



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Midlife Renewal for Women

CranioSacral and Acupressure Therapy

Healthy touch is profoundly nourishing. These two powerful modalities help my clients recover from whiplash, headaches, dental pain, TMJ, back pain, anxiety, as well as discomforts of pregnancy, menstrual and menopausal issues. It is gentle enough to use with infants and senior citizens.

Nutrition and Detox

Receive support for cultivating healthy eating habits that bring you more energy, balance and a healthy weight. Learn about delicious foods and natural supplements that relieve or lessen chronic health issues.

Nurture in Nature

Reawakening our innate connection to the natural world through fun outdoor exercises and simple meditations creates a sense of calm curiosity that benefits our mental and physical health.

Creativity Playdates

Creativity returns us to that place of sensory pleasure and reconnects us with a sense of beauty in self-expression.