“I feel full of ‘shoulds’ about my self care”,
an exhausted client recently said to me.
“I should eat more nutrient rich foods.
I should cook more.
I should take care of myself better.”How well I know this feeling!
And how I’ve learned that it doesn’t get me where I want to go.
‘Shoulds’ are no fun.
They don’t inspire us to right action.
They shove us towards a goal with our feet dragging all the way.

So how can you make eating better more fun?
In this blog I plan to share ideas for a joyous dance of self care.

One idea for better eating
is to invite a friend to cook a new recipe together.
We aren’t designed to cook alone or eat by ourselves,
we’re meant to cook and eat together.
Oxytocin, a hormone that gives the feeling of bonding and trust
Is released when people share meals.

After months of staring blankly at a Kim Chee recipe,
a Korean fermented vegetable dish with therapeutic benefits
I knew I should make,
I called up a friend and asked if she wanted to join me.
It was a blast to do together.
Easy. Fun. Delicious.

Call up a friend or several this week
and cook and dine together.
Make enough for leftovers.