This week I started teaching a teleclass called Overcoming Carb Cravings.

One theme is how to create balanced blood sugar for ourselves.

Most people rarely consider their own bloods sugar unless they are diabetic.

Nevertheless, even without such a serious diagnosis people experience blood sugar changes that blast up and crash down several times a day.

They feel yanked along in a jagged experience of energized frustration followed by a dismal lethargy.

They might feel it is the circumstances outside of our body that bring these mood swings and energy fluxes. But I’ve learned that if we are not caring for our bodies a bad mood can start from deep inside the chain of chemical reactions of our cells.

Slowly over time I’ve learned how to have balanced blood sugar
and experience steady, even energy that makes life feel easier.

Yes, you have to pay attention to what you eat and drink. It’s worth the effort to have a balanced blood sugar.

Here are the very basics:

Have breakfast with protein.
Eat every 4-6 hours
Avoid refined carbs.
Enjoy healthy fats.