Greetings on this beautiful new moon day.

I am thrilled to share with you a free copy of my new ebook:
Midlife Renewal for Women:Five Powerful Practices to Reclaim your Joyful, Healthy and Creative Life.

If you are a midlife woman, you might be experiencing hot flashes and insomnia, anxiety and depression, heavy periods or digestive bloating. At the same time you may also be navigating life changes like divorce, caring for aging parents, an empty nest, or other situational difficulty.

In my book, I share my midlife story of how I went from being distressed to richly enlivened again. I now realize that a woman’s midlife can be a significant rite of passage where we distill our knowledge into a personally profound wisdom. This becomes a compass to guide us to a balanced and inspired second half of life.

The five practices that made an impressive difference both for me and the clients I work with are Nature, Nutrition, Bodywork, Creativity and Rite of Passage. In my ebook there is description of each practice with exercises so you can get a taste of them right away.

In my next blog post I’ll let you know about a way that you can affirm and acknowledge your own midlife vision. Until then, please relax and take a break to read your copy of my ebook. Download here.

With gratitude and honoring for women’s wisdom,