I am deeply grateful for all your positive responses to my new ebook. Thank you! If you haven’t downloaded your free copy yet, click here: Midlife Renewal for Women.

I have another free gift for you. The Midlife Vision Consult.  I was just talking to a dear friend about how nourished we feel to share with another woman and be so well understood that we then perceive our own issues in a new light. That’s what happens in this meeting. 

First I would like to hear about your current challenges, whether they are bothersome physical symptoms, feelings of anxiety or frustration, lack of a creative outlet, or just exhaustion. Then let’s talk about your ideas for a positive midlife experience.

As a modern woman you’ve heard plenty of negativity about being a middle-aged woman, and no doubt there are challenges. But being a woman in midlife can be also be an amazing time of growth and transformation that allows you to weave together a new life that is more pleasurable and self-expressive than ever before. I’d like to support you in holding an inspired vision of your joyful, healthy and creative midlife.

How to Sign Up for The Midlife Vision Consult
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2) Book your meeting time online 

I am so looking forward to having a conversation with you, and hearing your midlife story.

With gratitude and honoring for women’s wisdom,

PS: The Midlife Vision Consult is an introduction to my coaching program. There is no obligation to participate in that, but if you would like to know more, please click here: Midlife Renewal Coaching for Women