In this dark, Yin time of year, I picture our planet diving down into the inky night until we touch the bottom on December 21st, the Winter Solstice. When I surrender to this plunge I am rewarded with an appreciation for the night skies lit up with stars, the cozy times with friends and family, and rich inner contemplations. I trust that more deeply I dive, the more I will harness the return of the light when the days grow longer.

How can we harmonize with this Yin energy that pulls us inward during such a busy and social time of year? Here are a few ideas:

1) Bundle up, grab a friend and step outside to look at the night sky together. The stars are gorgeous. After the 18th, the thin sliver of the new moon will be on the horizon in the West just after sunset. Watch it grow over two weeks to the full moon rising in the East at sunset on New Year’s Day. Create a warming fire if possible.

2) Enhance the feeling of indoor coziness. Use unscented candles and twinkly lights. Share a warm beverage with a friend, and ask each other questions to reflect on the highlights of 2017 and the intentions for 2018. Listen from the heart.

3) Plan your New Year’s reset. Create a special period of time from 3 days to 3 weeks to focus on self-nourishment. Increase vegetables and healing broths and soups while eliminating sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Enjoy outdoor walks, massages and hot baths. Journal your thoughts about releasing 2017 and your ideas for 2018.

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I wish you a beautiful week ahead as you approach the Winter Solstice and the holidays.